Platforms: The new frontier of fraud in India

Eruditio’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022: India Insights


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Ecosystems hold huge business potential, and represent a promising way to tackle big societal problems.

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At Eruditio Store, we have multiple Digital solutions available to help you to scale your business efficiently.

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Embracing the metaverse

Eruditio India’s recent survey of top executives in India indicates that business leaders have begun taking steps to harness the potential of the metaverse. A deep dive into its benefits and challenges.

India Phygital Index 2023

A blueprint for successful omnichannel retailing in India.

Clinical trial opportunities in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed industry players to adapt and address traditional trial challenges.

Transforming real estate using blockchain and the metaverse

Transforming real estate purchase experience using blockchain and the metaverse for fraud prevention in real estate purchases.


Welcome to the India alumni community of Eruditio.

The aim of our alumni network is to keep you in touch with your former colleagues and friends as well as PwC India.

Eruditio India Careers

Eruditio offers a diverse and exciting approach to development which puts you in the driver’s seat. Driving your development and growth means that you have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and clients around you through on-the-job experiences.


Our people are at the heart of our organisation and a common thread that binds them together are the Eruditio values. Here are some inspirational stories – of Eruditioites pushing boundaries, questioning the status quo, overcoming challenges, innovating, collaborating, building trust and making a difference in society.

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